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Winter Aviation Blues? Play an Aviation game

It’s mid-February in Wisconsin and there are very few things you can do to pass these long cold months.  Winter is far from over but I always consider this the half way marker for the return of reasonably comfortable flying weather.  Winter provides us with great flying conditions for the airplane and tolerable conditions for

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Aviation Apps Update – December 2012

As this year comes to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have downloaded the Density Altitude Calculator, Aircraft Weight and Balance, and Cross Wind Assistant apps for Android this year.  As of this writing, there are almost 650 combined, active users of these apps and the

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FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt arrested for DUI What a stupid thing to do!  Wait, Maybe this is  just the publicity he needs to run for president.  Babbitt 2012?   UPDATE: 5-10-2012 The charges were dismissed because the Police Officer did not have just cause to pull him over.  This is BS!  Anyone who was not connected to the Washington DC insiders

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Pilot lands on road mistaken for runway? I love the title of this article!  “Student pilot blames GPS after landing on road“.  Was he an Instrument pilot doing a GPS approach? No just some idiot who was not paying attention.  Too much flight simulator time and not enough actual real-world experience. I almost feel bad ripping on this guy because I am

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Freedom of Information? Government charges for essential info for pilots. The FAA wants to charge for access to aviation charts.  This is complete garbage and can be stopped with your assistance!  Sign this petition before December 14th and we tell Washington D.C. General Aviation Serves America!  Bottom Line This information should be FREE.  It is necessary for the safety of all Air Traffic and is an undue financial burdon

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